Friday, July 26, 2013

Trucking ALONG.....

In case you were wondering where we are in our adoption process, we are trucking along finishing up our home study.  We are still in the beginning stages!!  The next stage is basically getting many other documents together (including being fingerprinted for the second time) and have them authenticated with the county, state and authenticated at the consulate.  Then all of that paperwork is sent to china.  When you are officially Logged in, in China (All paper work has been submitted and accepted) You are on the list for a referral.  Our agency has told us that the wait for a girl under two has increased from 2-6 months to 6-9 months after we are logged in.  I am hoping and praying we will be logged in by November/December.  I am not going to lie the waiting is hard and I know I haven't even begun the real waiting yet!!  I have liked several China foster homes/institutions on Facebook and they are constantly posting pictures of these precious children who need a forever family.  It is hard to see these precious little ones and know they long for a family.  I know that God plans are better than our own but the lengthy paperwork and waiting process of adoption can be hard.  When you see the thousands of children who need homes and you are longing to fill your arms with one it can be difficult and discouraging.  I am just trusting that God and his finite plan for our family and I am patiently (trying) to wait for his perfect timing.  I think I thought that adoption would be easier than a pregnancy in a way, but it really isn't at all at least you know your baby is in your belly!!   I am leaving you with a video from New Day Foster Home in china.  This video is lengthy but it is worth watching and you might want to get a box of tissues handy.  It is amazing to see God's work and his grace and love that he bestows upon these children!!! You might have to copy and paste the link.

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