Saturday, January 22, 2011

Laundry room organization

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Laundry has to be my all time hated,dreaded,despised and irritating things that I have to do.  The washing and drying doesn't bother me it's the folding,putting away and hanging that makes me procrastinate!  So when we moved into out new home and I had a much larger laundry room or I had a laundry room (which in our other home I didn't) I decided I was going to keep it organized and actually sort the clothes before I washed them! 

  So I came up with a system and yes it takes up a large amout my counter space in my room but it serves it purpose to well!


 I now only do laundry twice a week I keep all my clothes sorted in these baskets!  The far left hamper is for towels. The far right hamper is for darks.  The upper right basket is for lights,the middle is for dedicates and the far left is for whites (to be bleached).  When I get ready to fold I simply take the baskets down and fold on the counter!

This makes it so much easier b/c it keeps piled laundry off the floor!  Now sometimes these baskets will be overflowing with clothes! This picture was taken the day all the laundry was done! on to the washer and dryer!!  Our new house was built 17 years ago, which was before they started making cabinets higher to accommodate front loaders on pedestals.  So instead of taking the cabinets out and repositioning them.  I did with out the pedestals (which are way to expensive for what they are anyway) and I decorated the tops of the washer and dryer and you don't even notice the large gap between them and the cabinets plus I have my washing powders and liquids in cute containers!!!

I embroidered the towel in the above picture on my monogramming machine
Basket came from target
bowl holding the dryer sheets was a wedding gift

                                          The two glass containers on the left are from Target

                      The cookie jar was a Mackenzie child piece that we received as a wedding gift

Do I always use the containers with the powders in them you ask?  Of course!!!  That's what they are there for fun and functionality!!  Well honestly I do use them some but most of the time I just grab the extra stash of liquid detergent and softener  in the cabinet above!!

The other counter in my laundry room consists of a sink with a drying area above it!  Which is O so nice I am not going to lie!  Beside my sink I have another (you guessed it)  Basket!  I use this basket for clean clothes that I haven't folded or put away!  Its normally overflowing!!  I will save you from the before picture of that and show you the after!!

 There are many things about this room I still want to change one big thing is the color!  Red is beautiful but I just do not like in on my walls  I like light colors and one day I will get around to painting it!  I also want to update with some curtains and I would like to replace or (paint) the counter tops!  That bright white Formica is just not doing it for me!  Here is a picture of the laundry room as you walk in.  If you are wondering where the rug came from it is a (you guessed it) Target find!

My little Laundry helper!  He loves to help mommy do the Laundry!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Curbside to fantastic and functional

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Let me give you a little 411 on this curbside find.  In our old home, I had my sewing room in our sunroon.  I had a lack of space in there and i needed some extra counter space.  I knew we were moving soon so I didn't want to really invest in anything and have to move it a few months later so I gave up on the idea until one day while I was leaving our neighborhood i saw this on the side of the road  I immediately called my husband and asked him to go pick it up for me!  He said the guys standing outside of the house even helped him load it up.  He said they looked at him like he was crazy for wanting it!

I know I know!!  Not that bad right?  Well actually this is a after picture (kinda)  This is the picture after my wonderful hubby and his wonderful father put some molding around the top and on the sides.  They also added some wood to the front where there were missing drawers!  Then in the move to our new home it ended up looking like this.

Ha Ha it actually looks a little worse in this pic! This is after I painted it white and it sat in my sewing room and obviously it was not taken care of :)

I knew this tossed away cabinet had some potential!  and I needed a wedging table for my new pottery studio but of course it has to be fantastic and functional!  So I started the process of refurbishing it!  I first sanded down the top.

This hand dandy sander can works some wonders!  It was a cheaper version of a hand held sander that I purchased at Target a few years ago its hard to find the sandpaper to go with it but Target always seems to have some!

I made a quick trip to walmart and bought a $5.00 small can of paint in a orange color and got busy painting.

I bought some door handles in the clearance section at Hobby lobby that I thought would be perfect! I made a mad dash to Lowe's which just happens to be next to HL (don't be J!!).  I bought some wood accents and I simply painted them and hot glued them on!  After the process was complete, I wiped on a glaze and sealed it with this!
Please excuse my dirty cutting mat.  I use alot of spray adhesive for my sewing and then everything sticks to it!  HA!!  Not that you care!  Anyway here is the finished product!  Please feel free to comment if you have any questions!
OK I know the phone doesn't exactly make the most professional photo!  but you get the idea...thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Craft Room Redo. first major project of the year is my craft room/sons playroom.  This is a rather large room that is above our garage so I guess you would call it a bonus room.  This room could be such a great place for us to utilize but right now it is just lying dormant.  When we moved in, I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to sort through I never got it organized.  All of my business equipment is in there along with a miss match of other things like Callan's toys, pottery stuff,wrapping paper,paint supplies,scrapbook supplies, my husbands weights, our treadmill and our elliptical.  Like I said it's a large room and if it was set up properly could be a great place for us to use. 

My goal is this.......and remember this must be done on a budget! I would like to make half the room a family/play room.  I would like to get a sectional,end tables,coffee table and shelves to put callans toys in.  I want a room that we can watch TV in and relax and Callan can play in while I do my business stuff and my crafts.  I want the other side to be my pottery studio,craft section,business section.  Last but not least I want it to all be CUTE!!!

So..... the project begins,I want to use my furniture i already have with the addition of some new/used pieces for the living area.  Here is some pics of the before.  It's a little shocking so be prepared!

Here are some before pics of the furniture I am working on refurbishing.
(now remember these are items I already had so they are free!)

So far I have spent about $60.00 on paint and new hardware.
Not bad for 4 pieces

I am trying to pick a paint color it is a little overwhelming

I bought this fabric in Atlanta in the spring and I was going to use it for my kitchen and then I decided  it was too busy for the other patterns I had going on in there so I am trying to work the room around this since I already have 10 yards of it!
I think its the perfect blend of fun and class!

Here is what I am looking for
but in grey

 china cabinet that I can redo to hold my fabric is another must.
I have found a few on craigs list but none are quite the deal I am looking for

Still have alot of work to do but I have gotten alot done already!!  Stay tuned!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What I am watching!

Here is what I am watching at the moment!

Sew Cute & Creative

Here are some pics of a few appliqued/monogramed items I have done for my business! My facebook is Sew Cute & Creative. So like my business page if you havent already!!! I havent updated in a while but like it anyway and hopefully I will get some things posted soon!!


My favorite things

Here is some of my favorite things right now!!

Mackenzie Childs courtly check love it!!!

 Fyre boots!!  Love them all but these melissa buttons are my fav!
 Love this short and sleeveless top from so cute!! 
PS: Thats not me in the pic!
 Love this owl lamp!!  Guess where its from?  TARGET!!
 Ugg boots i love them and they are perfect for this cold weather we are having!!
 This sette is my fav!! guess where its from?  You guessed it TARGET!

A little bit about me!

     This is officially the first post of this blog. I actually started it almost a year ago and then revamped it a little bit. So I decided just to start over.  Getting a blog page set up can be a bit tricky so you will probably see some changes to it here and there the next few weeks as I learn to tweek it the way i want it!

     Thank you so  much for  visiting my blog and let me tell you a little about me and my family.  I am 29 years old,  my main job is to take care of my husband and son as a stay at home mom but I also have a small at home embroidery business.  Previously before staying home as a stay at home mom, I taught special education eighth grade.  My huband and I recently moved back to Mississippi from Georgia where we lived for four years while he was in his residency.  We are slowly getting adjusted to our lives here and slowly transforming our house into our home.  We are currently in the process of finding a NEW church home and have been in that process for about six months.

     I am very excited about starting this blog and documenting my life!  I cant wait to get started on some tutorials and some home projects.  I will Hopefully do some giveaways and you will also see some posts about my business so stay tuned and keep checking back i have alot in store for you!!