Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby owls

Here are some recent new projects I have completed.  These are new born sets.  They are 35.00 a peice.  email me at creativeamber123@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing them.

This is the boy set....Sorry the picture is turned the wrong way!
This is the girl set above!

Here are some pictures of the individual items.
cute wipes case!

Burp cloth below.

Handtowels 2011

I just wanted to upload some pictures of some hand towels I recently made for http://www.casabellainteriors.net/.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

House pics

I wanted to show some pictures of my house as it is now.  That way when I post about projects in the future I will be able to go back and see my progress and you can see the progress I have made!!  Some of these rooms I have already done some decorating in.  I have also had some help from http://www.casabellainteriors.net%20with/ my living room.  Which is a large room that I could just not quite picture how to place the furniture.  I am very happy with the result but it still has some finishing touches that need to be done.  Here are a few of the rooms that I have somewhat decorated.

Half bath ( I want to repaint this dark red so that is something on my to do list)


Living room (we painted this room it was originally a yellow like the ceiling which will hopefully be painted white soon)

We still  need curtains, wall hangings, pillows for the couches and a new mantle display (I just  cant quite get the mantle right)

Kitchen ( I actually painted this room myself, It still has some things I want to change but I am happy with it for now!)

I repainted those bar stools in the pic they were originally black and I spray painted them white and recovered the seats in a outdoor damask fabric from Handco9ks

I made the hand towel hanging one the dish washer with my embroidery machine!

These accessories came from Casabella interiors  (my favorite interior design store, They always have wonderful/unique accessories)

This is a cabinet that I purchased off of  craigslist for 50.00 my husband thought I was crazy when we went to pick it up!  But look at her now!!  A simple coat of paint, a little distressing, and some fabric glued to the back!

This is a mushroom arrangement that my lovely friends at Casabella interiors did for me!   I have no experience with arrangements so that might be another craft project I can tackle one day :)

I still  need some curtains for this room but for now I just hung a small oil painting that I purchased at home goods!

Don't you just love the rug!!  Target!

The mirror was a flea market find of only 40.00 I spray painted it yellow and added some brown glaze to bring out the detail.  O and the table was made by my wonderful husband and father in law.  Didn't they do a great job! The whole job took about a day and about 80.00 but I have seen some similar tables for 1200.00 and this thing is HEAVY and solid wood!

Guest bedroom!!  The bedding is from Target!

This vanity was in my grandmothers house and my mother used it when she was a child.  I wanted to paint it but then I decided I liked it in it's natural state!  My grandmother actually refinished this herself decades ago and she kept it in great condition I just couldn't bring myself to cover up all that hard work!

This is the bed in my other guest room.  I haven't  done much to this room and it has a long way to go but I thought I would show you what I have so far.

And...that's it for now.  I have actually done a little to some of my other rooms and will hopefully get those pictures up soon! If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment!!

Desk redo

Here is a quick post on a desk that I purchased a few years ago that I redid once and this is my attempt at redoing a redo HA!!!  This desk was in my sewing room at my old house and I used it to house my sewing supplies and my sewing machine sat on top.  Here is a before picture.  It was originally black when I purchased it years ago and I painted it white.

I then took out all the drawers and sanded them lightly

Then I coated them with a blue paint that I had actually used in my son's bedroom.

Then I used some silver craft  paint as a glaze.  It added just the right touch!

You can see how the glaze turned out

I then sprayed on some acrylic sealer that I had lying around already I am not sure how it will hold up but I thought I would give it a try.

I bought some cute scrap booking paper at hobby lobby along with some spray adhesive and lined the inside of the drawers

I had to cut the paper to fit and spayed the adhesive in the drawer and wallah!!!

I purchased these knobs at Target!

I added the knobs to the drawers!

Finished Product!!  A great place for my computer!

Sorry for all the cords!  I will take a better picture when I get my room in a better order!
I spent about 15.00 on the whole project but only b/c I already had the desk I think I paid 100.00 for it when I bought it originally.