Friday, March 8, 2013

A Play day

A friend of mine and I took our kiddos to the Science museum and I will have to say it did not disappoint.  It has been YEARS since I have been there and I don't remember it being anything too special but they had a GREAT time and they played on the playground outside which is really something!!  I truly enjoy watching my kids smile and laugh with happiness.  It is so much fun to watch Callan and his "friends" play and have a good time.

February Family Day

A new tradition I wanted to start with our family is once a month on a Saturday I want us to spend a family day together.  We want to do things as a family and make these precious memories.  We started in February and decided to go eat lunch and then go to the children's museum.  We all had a great time and we were worn out by the end of the day!!  Chandler and Callan both enjoyed it so much! Chandler's favorite part was the pizza at mellow mushroom and entertaining the waiters.  Spending time as a family is so important and now that Callan is growing up so fast it has made me realize how quickly the time passes.  I am so bad about saying O we will do that one day and before I know it that day has passed.  I hope we can keep up this tradition of having a family day once a month. Here are some pictures from that day.
Chandler loved it
Callan milking the cow

She loved watching the cars race

Daddy having a good time

Grocery shopping

Train table (a favorite)

Fishing (he needed a hair cut)