Sunday, February 3, 2013


Thank you Lord for blessing me with these two!


Callan is involved with a after school program called TOT which stands for Teams of Tomorrow.  Basically they teach the children all these skills to do with the basketball kind of like the Harlem Globe Trotters but on a much smaller scale lol!!  Callan has been doing this class since school started and hasn't had much interest in showing me what he has learned so I was very excited when they had a small program at a half time show during a basketball game at Mississippi College which just happens to be mine and Kyle's alma mater!  He did a good job and we were very proud.  He was a little nervous, I could tell, but I don't blame him there were a lot of people there!  I would have been nervous too!
Little sister watching intently
 The proud grandmothers

The superstar tot player!
 Sweet boys got skills!!!

Family pic with the sun in our eyes



Chalk paint and refurbished table!

For my Birthday my sweet husband let me sign up for a furniture painting class!  I have painted many a pieces of furniture in my day so I am no amateur when it comes to this, However there is this new paint that I have heard people raving about called " Annie Sloan chalk paint"  so I decided to take this class and give it a try.  The place where I took the class is called the Faux finishing institute which seemed right up my alley. I was very excited to sign up for the course and I hope to possibly take more courses there in the future.  For the class we were to bring a small piece of furniture to paint.  I brought this table that I had purchased at a flea market a few years ago for I think around $15.00.

The table was originally just a dark brown wood and I spray painted it this blue after I bought it and put it in my sitting area upstairs .  I will have to say the class was a lot of fun!!  I was the youngest person by far in the class.  The other ladies were very sweet and we all had a great time!  One of the ladies said taking the class and painting furniture was like therapy and it truly is!!  The Annie Sloan chalk paint is very good paint expensive but it does a great job I only had to do one coat on my neon blue table!

The brush you see above it what we used to apply the wax that you seal your piece with when your finished!

The above picture is a close up of the finish!

The table in its new home
The day after the class I got a little inspired and painted a dresser in my bedroom and I been painting the cabinets in my bathroom all week.  I will post some pictures of those when I am finished.  I am a big fan of the chalk paint for sure and I certainly recommend you try it.  There is a whole kit you can buy with the waxes and paints and its super easy so anyone could do it!