Thursday, February 10, 2011

Desk redo

Here is a quick post on a desk that I purchased a few years ago that I redid once and this is my attempt at redoing a redo HA!!!  This desk was in my sewing room at my old house and I used it to house my sewing supplies and my sewing machine sat on top.  Here is a before picture.  It was originally black when I purchased it years ago and I painted it white.

I then took out all the drawers and sanded them lightly

Then I coated them with a blue paint that I had actually used in my son's bedroom.

Then I used some silver craft  paint as a glaze.  It added just the right touch!

You can see how the glaze turned out

I then sprayed on some acrylic sealer that I had lying around already I am not sure how it will hold up but I thought I would give it a try.

I bought some cute scrap booking paper at hobby lobby along with some spray adhesive and lined the inside of the drawers

I had to cut the paper to fit and spayed the adhesive in the drawer and wallah!!!

I purchased these knobs at Target!

I added the knobs to the drawers!

Finished Product!!  A great place for my computer!

Sorry for all the cords!  I will take a better picture when I get my room in a better order!
I spent about 15.00 on the whole project but only b/c I already had the desk I think I paid 100.00 for it when I bought it originally.

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Vandaleyez Makeup said...

Very awesome! I always love finding ways to redo old things around the house. Very crafty!